dualmn.jpg (60057 bytes)                                                    Dual 1975-1976 Full Line Brochure


                                                            This brochure represents the entire line of Dual audio products. This is 75 page .PDF document.  In order to keep the
                                                             size managable and for faster downloading, we have divided it up into several sections.
Part 1
Index, Turntables, Cassette Decks, Portable Record Players, Home Stereo Systems
Part 2
Compact Stereo Systems, Stereo Components (Amps, Integrated Amps, Quad (Four Channel) Amps, Quad Systems, Four Channel Processors/Decoders)
Part 3
Tuners, Four Channel (Quad) Receivers, Stereo Receivers, Speaker Systems,  Speakers & Headphones, Phono Cartridge Choices
Part 4
Phono Accessories (Audio Furniture), Turntable Bases & Covers, Examples of Dual Equipment Combinations
Part 5 
Specification Information for Products Listed In This Catalog