In the beginning.....
1900  -        Christian Steidinger started the "Gerbruder Steidinger" company while
                     manufacturing parts for spring wound motors in St. Georgen, Germany.
1906  -         Due to technological advances in the St. Georgen company, it was
                     decided to fabricate complete spring wound motor assemblies. 
1908  -        The first DUAL spring wound motor is presented at the Leipzig, Germany
1909  -         Eighty employees fabricate 80,000 motors per month.  The era of the
                     Gramophone is ushered in!
1927  -        1,500 gramophone motors are leaving the factory daily!     
                    The "Gebrueder  Steidinger" company changes its name to DUAL.  This
                    name change reflected the technology that was developed by Gebrueder
                    Steidinger for use in its gramophones.  These gramophones were
                    literally DUAL powered, you could use them outside on "wind up" power,
                    or if you were inside and had electricity available you could just plug it in!
                    It had two motors, one electric and the other spring loaded built in.  These
                    motors were sold in the United States under the name of the "Dollar Motor"
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