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   Appearance Problems

Problem Resolution
Scratches in dust cover Use a plexiglass/cleaner or polish.  You can find good ones at
aircraft supply shops.   These compounds are used to buff out
the scratches and nicks out of aircraft windshields, which are also
My dustcover broke Replacement dustcovers for Dual turntables that use the United Audio base
units have not been available for many years. Please see our write up about
this (coming soon) on the main troubleshooting page.
Also original Dual dust covers do pop up on Ebay from time to time.
The dustcover hinge on my Depending on the model replacements may be available. Check with
turntable broke our vendors on the Parts/Service Link.
My turntable is very dirty You can usually remove the dust/dirt using a dry camel hair paint brush
available at most hardware stores.  If the dirt is excessive, you can dip the
brush in a mild window cleaner/water solution.  Be careful that you don't
remove the decals/printing on the top of the turntable.  The rubber mat
can be removed and washed in the sink using a mild dish detergent. Make
sure it is thoroughly dry before reinstalling it on the turntable.


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