stroblt.jpg (4600 bytes)                                                 Removing The Platter From Your Turntable
   This is a question we receive from time to time. The platter will need to be removed when changing a
    belt or relubricating your turntable.
    Dual turntables use one of three methods for removing the platter from the top of the turntable.
    Method 1(600 series 606 etc, CS-5000.)
    Just pull the platter straight up while using equal force on both sides of the platter. The spindle is part
    of the motor and you don't want to remove it.
    Method 2 (1000 and 1200 series)
    Remove the center spindle and then remove the "C" clip from around the center post of the platter and
    pull the platter straight up.
    Method 3  (502, 504, etc.)
    The "Locking Bar" method.  First remove the rubber mat on the top of the platter. Then turn the platter
    clockwise until you see  through the holes in the platter just in front of the motor (left side) and at right
    angles to the tone arm a small (usually brass) screw. Loosen this screw slightly (do not remove). This
    will release the "locking bar mechanism" from the platter spindle. You will then be able to remove the
    platter by lifting it straight up.
     Method 4 (CS2210, CS2215, etc.)
     This is the "spring clip" method.  Remove the rubber mat from the platter. You will then observe a spring clip
     about 1 inch long on both sides of the center spindle.  This looks similar to a pape clip.  Now spread the clip
    apart and the platter will lift right off the turntable.
     If the platter has been on the turntable for a long time, it may need "encouragement" to come off.  A few
     gentle taps with a hammer to the center of the platter should free it. But first put something on top of
      the platter to prevent damage.
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