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Turntable Speed Problems

Do the string passages in your music "warble"?  Have the piano passages become annoying?
If the answer is yes, you may have a speed control problem!
Problem Resolution
Stobe Light isn't stable, it On a belt drive turntable the belt may be old and or / slipping. Before
meanders back and forth. you replace the belt, try this.  Remove the belt from the turntable. Dampen


some lint free tissues (camera lens wipes are good for this) in Isopropyl
Strobe light won't stabilize Alcohol. Gently pull the belt through these tissues between your fingers,
on speed allow the belt to dry.  Then using a clean set of tissues again dampened
in Isopropyl Alcohol, wipe off the belt pulley and the area on the platter
where the belt comes into contact. Be careful not to touch these areas
with your fingers after cleaning.  When everything is dry, reinstall the belt
and see if the problem goes away.  If it doesn't and the belt is old, replace
it. We highly recommend using authentic Dual drive belts. They are available
from the vendors listed on our Parts/Service page.
On a turntable with Idler Wheel drive, remove the platter and clean off
the inside of the rim with a cotton ball dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol. Making
sure that the surface is clean and dry before replacing the platter. If this
doesn't help, you can try using an emery board pressed very lightly on the
idler wheel while it is turning. This sometimes can clear the hardened rubber
on the edges of the idler wheel allowing it to have better contact with the
platter rim.   If this doesn't work, you may have to send the idler wheel out
for rerubbering.   We have a vendor or two on our Parts/Service page that
can do this for you for a reasonable price.  Or, sometimes on Ebay you can
find NOS idler wheels up for auction.  Also check with our vendors, they may
have the idler wheel you need in stock.
Or the bearings in the motor could be dragging due to lack of lubricant or
thickening of the lubricants. This is common with Dual turntables, especially
if they have been sitting without use for many years. To fix this, disassemble
the motor and relubricate according to the Service Manual.
My Dual turntable has strobe You will need a light source that is the same frequency that your local power
markings on the platter but is. We recommend a portable fluorescent light. You can find these at home
no strobe light. How do I use supply / hardware stores for a reasonable price. A regular incandescent light
this? bulb won't work for this purpose.
The strobe light on my The bulb has probably burned out, or there is no power to the turntable.
turntable doesn't light up First check to make sure the turntable is plugged into the wall outlet and
platter is turning.  Replacement stobe lights are available from vendors
on our Parts/Service page. Make sure all the internal connections are
How do I use my stobe light? Most Dual turntables are equipped with a strobe light to assist you with
accurately setting the turntable speed.  There are a set of markings on
the platter, usually one "line" of marks for each speed (33/45).   The Dual
1245 only has one line that is used for both speeds. With a record on the
platter look at these marks.  One line will appear to be stationary, or will
be moving slowing in one direction or another. If the lines appear to be
moving, turn the pitch control until the lines appear to be holding still.
When the markings stop moving, your turntable is correctly set to
the speed selected.  Some turntables have four lines of strobe markings.
These are usually for 50/60-Hz power.  You will only use the ones that
correlate to the power in your country.


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