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   How do I switch my Dual turntable over from 115/60hz to 230/50Hz or vice versa
     Fortunately, Dual turntables are designed to run on either voltage. The change usually requires a new
     pulley (50/60hz) and a wire change on the power block within the turntable or the turn of a switch.
      While it's a simple job to do, you will need a copy of the service manual as not every turntable
     model is switched the same way. Improper switching can damage the motor in your turntable.
     The service manual contains a diagram of what wire to move.  The pulleys that you will need to operate the
     turntable are available through vendors listed on our Parts/Service page.
       Here is an example of the voltage switch diagram:
                 voltagediag.jpg (32922 bytes)

We have verified that this is the correct wire switch for the 601, 1224, 1225, 1228, and 1229 models.

                    On some of the 1000 series turntables (1010, 1019, etc.) there is a voltage switch located under the platter.
                                                           You just use a screwdriver to adjust between 110, 150 & 240V.
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