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DUAL 1245 Turntable

Specifications: 2 Speed, 33.33 & 45 RPM , Cueing,
Bottom of platter strobe, Anti-Skating,
Automatic or Manual Play, Short
(single play) and long (multiple record
stacking) spindles.   
Spec Sheet Data: Current: A/C 50/60Hz, Changable by
changing motor pulley
8 Pole Synchronous Motor, Flat Belt
Flywheel Drive
Platter: Non-Magnetic Dynamically
Balanced, detatchable,1.3 Kg, 300mm
Wow & Flutter:   +/- 0.09%  
Unweighted >42dB, Weighted >63dB
Tracking Force Range: 0-3 gr.
Acceptable Cartridge Weight (Including Mount): 5.5-10 gr
Cartridge Type: Any 1/2" Mount 
Cartridge Overhang: 5mm
Automatic Tonearm setdown coupled
with speed adjustment.
Years Manufactured:            1975-76
Price (New):                          $245.00 (USD)


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