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DUAL 430 Turntable

This little rarity is very unusual as it does not
have a gimbal mounted tonearm, just counter
weighted and it does not have a anti-skating
mechanism.   It came from the factory equipped
with the DUAL CDS 660 ceramic cartridge.
With the tracking force "preset" at the factory. 
I don't even think it was available in the US.
It was sometimes found in stereo consoles made
by the German Company SABA.
Specifications: 2 Speed, 33.33 & 45 RPM
Cue Control,
Semi-Automatic Operation, Single Play
Idler Wheel Drive,
Counter Weighted Tonearm
Rotating Center Spindle 
Spec Sheet Data: Motor: A/C 50/60Hz, Changable by
changing idler wheel. 2 Pole Induction
Platter: Steel Sandwich Construction
207mm, 0.9 kG
Wow & Flutter:   +/- 0.2%  
Unweighted >35dB, Weighted >55dB
Tracking Force Range:  Fixed
Cartridge Mount: None, uses only the CDS 660 4 Grams
Cartridge Type: DUAL CDS 660 , Ceramic
Years Manufactured:            Unknown
Price (New):                          Unknown

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