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DUAL 701 Turntable

Specifications: 2 Speed (33 / 45), Cueing,Electronically
Servo Driven (DUAL EDS 1000 System),
Pitch Control
Spec Sheet Data: Platter: Non-Magnetic, Dynamically
Balanced, Detatchable, 2.9Kg
Pitch Control:  8%
Wow and Flutter: 0.03% 
Unweighted:     > 50dB
Weighted:        >  70dB
Torsion Resistant, extra long tubular
aluminum in a super flat 4 point gimbal
suspension with two way damping.
222 mm.
Cartridge: Accepts any 1/2" mount with
a weight of 2-10 grams (incl. Mount).
Overhang: 5mm
Tracking Force:  0-3 grams
Supplied with Shure V-15 (European Version)
Years Manufactured:            1973-76
Price (New):                          $400.00 (USD)   L192 (UK)


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