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DUAL CS-528 Turntable

Specifications: All Silver in Color, Belt Drive, Pitch
Control, Start/Stop and Cue Control
On Front Panel, Stobe Light, 2 Speed
(33.33/45 RPM)
Spec Sheet Data: Motor:
16 Pole Asynch, Flat Belt Drive for
flywheel drive.   Uning the DUAL EDS
SM 100-1 system.
View Sales Brochure Startup Time (33.33): 2-2.5 seconds
Platter: Non-Magnetic, Detatchable,
               1.0Kg, 304mm
Pitch Control: 6% @ 33.33 RPM
Wow & Flutter:
              Unweighted:    +/- 0.07%
              Weighted:        +/- 0.04%
              Unweighted:     < 48dB
              Weighted:         < 70dB
Distortion Free, Ultra-Low Mass,
aluminum tubular design in 4 point
gimbal tip bearing.   221mm
Accepts all 1/2" mounts with a weight
4.5-10 gram weight. Overhang: 5mm
Tracking Force: 0-3 Grams
Freq Response: 10-28,000 Hz
Years Manufactured: 1981-83'
Price (New) $299.00(USD)


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