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DUAL CS-7000 Turntable
Promotional materials contributed by Jürgen Pagel
Fairview, Oregon  USA
Additional Specs Provided by C.A. Smith
Spec Sheet Data: 3 Speed, (33.33/45/78) RPM
Cueing, viscosity damped
Full Floating Chassis
Semi-Automatic, End of Record Auto-Stop
Belt Drive, Microprocessor Monitored
Also Known As "The Golden 1"
Black Finsh, 24K Gold Plated Finish to
Platter And Tonearm
1/2" Cartridge Mounting, Detatchable
Semi-Automatic Operation
  Tonearm Optimized for MC systems
  Record Stabilizer Included  
Platter: Resonance Dampened Die
Cast Aluminum
Wow & Flutter:     
       DIN: +/- 0.025%     WRMS: +/- 0.013% 
       Unweighted: > 58    Weighted:  > 80
Optimum Pivot Gyroscopic Gimbals. (OPS)
Carbon Fiber Headshell
Tracking Force Range: Not Available
Acceptable Cartridge Weight
(Including Mount): 3-10 Grams
Cartridge Type: Any 1/2" Mount, with MC
  type being preferred.
Cartridge Overhang: Not Available
Years Manufactured: 1988-??
Price (New): $875.00 (USD)

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