Dual On Ebay

                                               Are you are looking to buy a Dual turntable? There are quite a few listed on Ebay.

                                                If you would like to search for a  Dual Turntable on Ebay please Click Here

                                               Note To Sellers:
                                              While we do not mind you linking to our pages in your auctions, please give us
                                              a credit for this.  Something like "Additional Information supplied by the Dual
                                              Reference Website (www.dual-reference.com)"  would be adequate.  Thanks!
                                              If you are selling or buying a Dual turntable via Ebay, here is a link that is a MUST
                                              READ primer about how to pack a turntable correctly for shipment.  Thanks to
                                                  the team at  The Turntable Guy for writing this article. It is from his turntable repair website.
                                                       It's the only way to get your turntable transported while minimizing the possibility
                                              of damage. It's a bit of work, but well worth it! 

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