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Vintage Links List

         The purpose of this page is to provide links to sites that may be of particular interest

         to those who are interested in vintage stereo equipment.    Some of these are analog

     music related and some are brand name specific items.  We proudly present these

     pages to you.  We have personally checked out these sites and they are all of very

                                         high quality.  If you have any sites that you would like to see appear on this list

                                         please let us know!


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   Audio Manufacturers Specific Interest Websites:

    The Analog Department
    Nice website covering topics of interest for audiophiles who are into vinyl records. Includes
    a section about cartridge mounting and building your own plinth amongst other topics. 
    A very nice reference work. 
    History of Garrard Turntables
     A nice little story of how Garrard turntables came to be. Written by the city of Swindon, UK
    Marantz/Pioneer Audio Equipment
      Information about Marantz audio equipment.   Classifieds section.  Recently added a
      section for Pioneer audio equipment.
    The Unoffical Nakamichi Website
      All the information you could want about Nakamichi Cassette Equipment
    The Unoffical Technics Website
     Everything you ever wanted to know about Technics Audio Equipment! An excellent
     execution of what an audio website should look like.  Covers ALL Technics equipment from A-Z!
   German website that contains more User & Service Manuals and sales brochures for a myriad of audio brand names
    than I have ever seen in any one place.
    V-M, The Voice Of Music
      Website For V-M analog audio equipment,  you can find spare parts through this website.
  Articles, Magazines, E-zines:
  Perfect Sound Forever E-Magazine
    Great  magazine dedicated to items pertaining to music.  
   The Vinyl Anarchist
       From Perfect Sound Magazine, a collection of columns from past issues. The Vinyl
       Anarchist articles feature intriguing discussions about turntables, phono cartridges,
       record cleaning(ers), CD Formats, and a really good article on preamps.  These are
       a must read for anyone who considers themselves an audiophile!
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     Audio Review
    This is a website that contains 100's of product reviews submitted by people who
    own the products!
     This website has detailed information about vintage Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui equipment.
     Luxman, McIntosh and Yamaha too!    Buy/Sell section as well as a detailed
     Audio Glossary!  A real must see!
     Classic Speaker Homepage
      Very detailed information about Classic/Vintage Speaker Systems, AR, KLH, etc.
      Highly recommended reading!

     Dutch Gramophone Society

      A website that contains a myriad of vintage record players (or gramophones). Mostly in Dutch.

      But it's all sorted by brand-name so you won't really have many problems if you don't speak Dutch.  There is a great chance that the

      record player you had years  ago will be found here.

    Orion Blue Book Online

      This is the website of the Orion Blue Book which lists the values of  used stereo equipment.

    The Turntable Basics

      Nice site about how to optimize your turntables performance, they also have a very nice little

      online store that carries audio products and accessories.  They even have a idler wheel

     restoration service!

    The Vintage Knob

     Really neat audio website with an assortment of audio topics. It's an online audio museum.

     Professionally done, very intriguing.


    The Vinyl Engine

     One of the best audio sites on the Internet. This website has a forum that can answer just about any audio question

     you may have as well as a plethora of Users Manual (for free!) in their library and a great photo gallery. A must see!



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