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Here are some examples of DUAL advertisements and brochures. 
I hope you will find them interesting and educational!



1006   Turntable 1009 Turntable 1009 Auto/Pro 1009SK Turntable 1019 Turntable
1219 Turntable CS 708Q Turntable Decisions, Decisions Golden 1 Turntable   CR-5950RC   Receiver
ULM Tonearm ULM Tonearm Series What Every DUAL Owner Knows (1249) The Problem With Your Bass (604) C-819 Cassette Deck
C-828 Cassette Deck

Turntable Product Comparison - 1980

1229/1229Q Test Reports

The Manhattan


CS Series Brochure ULM Turntable Series

1975/76 Full Line Brochure (PDF)

1977 United Audio Brochure (PDF)

Fall 1988 Full Product Brochure (PDF)

CS503-1 (PDF)

CS505-3  (PDF)

CS-5000   (PDF)

Turntable Resonance Q & A

ULM Tonearm Brochure

  This Year All ULM (1980)

714Q, 731Q, 606, 622, 650RC, 506, 522, 1257, 1264



Anzeige in Deutsch
DUAL 502 Plattenspieler DUAL 502 Plattenspieler Technische Daten Dual Hi Fi Programm 85-86



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