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Troubleshooting Your Dual Turntable


Over the past twelve years we have received many requests for assistance with problems that people are having with their Dual turntables.  We have reviewed these problems and categorized them into the different categories. Please select the area that best fits the problem you are experiencing and hopefully you will find your problem and how to repair it here.   Before attempting any repairs on your Dual turntable, please read the turntable basics link below.

We now participate in the Dual forum on the www.vinylengine.com website. If you have any technical questions about your Dual turntable that is the place to ask! Membership is free and you also have access to the huge manual library on the vinylengine.com website!


  Turntable Repair Basics / Shall I try to fix my Dual turntable myself? (Click here)

   Appearance Belt Changing Tips
   Noises Platter Removal
   Turntable Setup
   Voltage Switchover

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